About Me

                  Listen. Learn. Lead. Speak. Unite. Act.

A quick message...

Before I tell you about me, let me just say this: the image above encompasses six words that I think are integral to one's success and happiness in life.  I want to teach because I want to help students understand what it means to do these things, I want them to realize the powerful impact these actions have on their lives.  One of the things that most excites me about becoming a teacher is imparting life lessons to my students, and these represent only a handful of such lessons.  I am more excited than ever to know that someday soon I will have the privilege of helping students grow and learn and discover and make sense of their world and develop the skills they'll need to live a better life.    

And now, some info about who I am...

My name is Stephanie A. Griffin, and I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. I'm back in school pursuing a second degree to support my second career: teaching. I am currently working toward a Master of Education degree plus a 6-12 teaching license. I want to teach 6th or 7th grade Language Arts, preferably in an inner-city school somewhere in the U.S.

In my first career out of undergrad, I worked as a software consultant for the global consulting firm Accenture. I was there for nearly 4 years and worked on 6 different client projects in 2 different states. All of my experiences at Accenture were valuable, and I plan to use them and the skills I gained when I become a teacher.

As for now, my goal is to learn as much as I can in preparation for my future as a teacher. Maintaining this blog, reading other blogs, consuming any other education- and teaching-related content that's flying around, and joining the conversation are my main objectives in preparing myself. Oh, and going to classes, of course!

And finally, some of my favorites...

  • reading, Reading, READING! (Edu blogs, my RSS feeds, adolescent lit, professional lit, magazines, news apps on my iPhone and websites on my laptop)
  • writing (especially 6-word memoirs)
  • photography
  • my dog, Chloe
  • listening to podcasts ("The Moth" is an awesome one)
  • helping people
  • this quote: "Life is a series of choices." -E. Frank
  • the PostSecret blog
  • The Foundation for a Better Life... especially the daily quote email
  • my best friends
  • my family
  • my colleagues
  • my PLN
  • technology
  • Apple products... iPods, iPhones, MacBook Pros, iPhoto, iMovie, you name it!
  • the My Writing Nook web app and iPhone app... love that I can capture my thoughts whenever I want, and with ease and synchronization, I might add
  • listening to music... especially country
  • change (it's the only constant after all...)
  • the belief that one person really can make a difference
  • entrepreneurs... especially education ones
  • hiking
  • human generosity and compassion
  • the smell in the air after it rains
  • purple lightning
  • the Ellen DeGeneres show
  • searching for seashells on the beach
  • laughing until my belly hurts and tears seep out of my eyes
  • watching football
  • playing basketball
  • going to baseball games on summer days
  • feeling the warm, refreshing air of a summer night
  • and so much more...