Monday, June 28, 2010

Trying to organize it all...

With the massive amount of information and online tools available today, I have been thinking about a productive way to organize everything so I don't feel overwhelmed.   I am a visual thinker, so things like mind maps really help me. I did some research and found a tool that I'd like to recommend: Mindmeister.  It's a super easy-to-use, highly functional web-based tool that allows users to create mind maps. While not cheap, the Premium account costs $59 (it's the one targeted for individuals), it is worth it as it allows for unlimited map creation and sharing/collaboration functionality.   There is also a handy iPhone app (not cheap either-$6.99) that allows users to create and edit maps on the go and then the changes sync automagically with the maps created using the full web interface.

So far, I've created 4 maps that are great places for me to start organizing my thinking and the resources relevant to my preservice teacher prep.  I've created maps depicting my PLN, my teaching philosophy, my online and social media learning tools, and I've started a map for adolescent literature.  This last one is something I've always wanted to create so that when students approach me asking for another related good book to read (by genre, author, topic, theme, etc.), I'll be ready to give them valid suggestions.

I really like the MindMeister application so far... it's a great way to organize thoughts, ideas, resources, and whatever else you need to organize.  Go give it a look.  I hope you find value in it like I do!